Service Management

Because services doesn't rest.

For service-based businesses that are reliant on the efficient execution of numerous interconnected parts, the challenge of day-to-day operation goes beyond just hiring the right people. The ability to receive and process customer requests, dispatch agents to complete the work order, and track fulfilled tickets, is a logistics mountain that must be maneuvered around every day. 

Sequoia Group understands the demands of such an industry to always be building a better mousetrap and stands behind the Infor Service Management solution as the best way to keep the engine of your business running smoothly.

Infor Service Management is the deepest, most industry specific service management solution on the market today. It helps service-centered industries deliver better equipment service, resolve problems faster, and manage the entire service process more efficiently.

Mike Stelzl, Wausau Supply

Work Orders

Manage an order's entire process with defined workflows and automatic escalations and alerts, ensuring that exceptions are handled quickly.

Scheduling and Dispatch

Gain visibility into each technician's schedule and qualifications to increase resolution speed and minimize non-essential trips.

Service History

Track installation date or removal date, warranty status, and both service and inspections performed, down to the component level.


Set up and track your key performance indicators (KPIs) with easy-to-use ad-hoc report writing tools that drill down into real-time details. Add graphic gauges to critical screens for at-a-glance continual monitoring.

Service Contracts

Manage multi-tier service contracts and extended warranties with ease. Transition responsibility away from the Technician in determining if services performed is to be billed based on existing contracts and warranties.

Contact Center

Provide agents with detailed, up-to-the-minute information to answer questions and screen service requests quickly. Prioritize response times in accordance to Service Level Agreements (SLA) and trigger escalation when nearing failure.

Infor Service Management provides deep domain expertise in the intricacies of service lifecycle management–plus the full support of a company-wide business solution. One integrated system means ultimate efficiency, speed, and company-wide access to critical information. The reliability and power of our technology has won the confidence of thousands of customers worldwide.

Infor Service Management provides highly focused capabilities that help companies compete effectively in select industries.


Manage user, manufacturer, and vendor warranties for parent and component level parts. Easily monitor exchanges due back from customers or due back from vendor for warrantied parts.


Schedule routine inspections and maintenance on fleet or other internal assets to prevent unexpected down-time and extend life expectancy.


Manage the complete financials of the organization, including partner, contractor, and franchise relationships. Multi-language and multi-currency capabilities support global growth.


Create and manage campaigns and accounts. Track the sales pipeline and projections. Enable front-line agents, including field technicians, to provide quotes and sell replacement units/parts.


Supports flexible pricing and inventory systems for distribution models.


Accurately track inventory levels by lot, serial number, and location, maintaining minimum levels and ensuring availability of essential materials and parts. Make sure you have the parts when and where you need them, so service can be completed on time.


Manage vendor relationships for improved costs savings and product performance.


Consolidate commonly used role-based screens into dashboards with workflow diagrams and KPI-tracking gauges, improving productivity and performance.


Optional module–Provide field technicians with mobile devices (handheld or laptops) to maintain remote access to critical information such as unit and service history, account and service contract status, parts availability, and pricing/sales capabilities. Field access to data helps technicians make decisions about repair options and best uses of resources, increasing productivity and speeding resolution rates.


Optional Module–Provide employees, contractors, franchisees, dealers, and customers with remote access to data through an online web portal. Self-service access adds convenience and speeds service resolution.


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