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Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of sales and use tax laws poses a significant challenge for businesses across sizes. In Sequoia Group’s AvaTax solution, the value lies not only in its extensive features and staying current with rule changes but in its seamless integration with various existing business systems.

AvaTax mitigates audit risks through cloud-based sales tax services, simplifying rate calculations, exemption certificate management, form filing, and payment remittance. With transparent integration, it seamlessly aligns with over 100 existing ERP, accounting, eCommerce, and Retail POS systems.

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AvaTax Modules

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Intelligent Sales Tax Calculations

AvaTax Calc integrates with your accounting or eCommerce software to deliver real-time sales tax calculations based on up-to-date sales and use tax rules. This includes sourcing rules, product taxability and jurisdiction assignment. Increased audit activity by taxing authorities demands businesses prove sales tax compliance through accurate calculations and reporting. AvaTax Calc makes compliance simple, with transaction history and on-demand reporting.
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Faster Exemption Certificate Process

If your business deals with exemptions, you have non-taxable transactions that must have exemption certificates on file to prove the non-tax status of your customer. If this process is manually managed, the risk of audit is increased through inability to produce certificates in a timely fashion, lack of traceability associating transactions to certificates and improper application of sales tax. AvaTax Certs is a complete exemption certificate management service that ensures you maintain compliance and reduce your audit risk.

Ensure Timely Filing and Remittance

Dramatically increase accuracy and reduce the time your company spends on sales tax return processing with AvaTax Returns. AvaTax Returns automatically processes e-file, hard-copy and Streamlined Sales Tax returns for businesses of all sizes. Virtually eliminate time and money spent on audits or penalties and interest—AvaTax Returns ensures the right amount is remitted to the right taxing authorities at the right time. Combine all three Avalara modules to protect your business in the best way.

“We got AvaTax so we didn’t have to worry about being up-to-date. Knowing it’s accurate means we can focus on building our business.”

— Matt Carver, Backwoods Inc.

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Put it all together

Elevate your business with AvaTax’s automated solutions, streamlining sales tax calculations, exemption certificate management, and filing/remittance processes. Enjoy real-time application of current tax rules, covering address validation, jurisdiction assignment, sourcing rules, and product taxability. Ensure accurate calculations at every transaction, efficient exemption certificate management, and punctual filing/remittance of sales tax liabilities. Maximize the value of your business by achieving precise sales tax compliance through AvaTax’s cloud-based services.

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