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The 21st Century has seen eCommerce move past the convenient novelty of its inception, and emerge as a trillion-dollar necessity to our way of life. The demand is there for every business to operate and thrive on the internet, but that also means an increase in competition. A company’s ability to survive will hinge on how it operates its eCommerce business. This means more nuanced tools are required to keep themselves viable in that space.

Sequoia Group’s software solution is designed to safeguard a business from the volatility of the technological landscape by offering to improve the most essential elements of the eCommerce process

What to consider if you decide to sell online?

When deciding to sell online, it’s important to keep in mind the current trends and features of the industry. Digital customer experiences are becoming increasingly important as shoppers expect an effortless journey from start to finish.

It is also vital that businesses have an understanding of their audiences, so they can tailor features such as product recommendations, pricing structures, promotions and more accordingly. Additionally, with the rise of mobile commerce, ensuring a company’s website is designed to be responsive and optimized for mobile use is essential in order to remain competitive. 

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  • Our state-of-the-art Web Services foundation is designed to provide a world-class shopping experience on both B2C and B2B websites
  • Features a robust catalog with advanced searching, order entry, and tracking, as well as deep customer personalization features, such as custom shopping lists and wish lists, that help convince users that your website is best at meeting their needs

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Online Catalog

Sequoia Group Web Services enables you to efficiently create and offer a comprehensive online product catalog. To help personalize the shopping experience, multiple catalogs can be created and assigned to customers by market sector. The Online Catalog module features simple, intuitive navigation, which helps promote a positive shopping experience. From an administration standpoint, a baseline catalog can be automatically created or other metrics can be used to create categories in the Catalog Administration area of the application.

Advanced Search

Sequoia Group Web Services leverages the award-winning Progress EasyAsk® search engine and navigation technology to improve the shopping experience. This tier-one search engine complements our Web Services solution to help customers view search results, in natural language, by relevance, and refine search results by sub-category, product attributes or search within search. Breadcrumb navigation helps shoppers keep track of their location on your web storefront and what keywords have been entered.

Self Service

The solution offers complete self-service capabilities that enable you to receive customer orders and help you reach shoppers anytime, anywhere. Customers can view order history, order status, backorders, open accounts receivable, and maintain passwords on their schedule. Customers can access product images, extended product descriptions, and links to additional information with just one click. This makes the online customer experience more engaging and welcoming. In a digital world, customer experience and convenience are key.

Lists, Specials, and Markdowns

Specials lists let you target specific items for markdown, promotion, or clearance. Personalized shopping lists provide customers with a simple re-order form to quickly add products to their shopping cart. Wish lists let users customize content so they can track products of interest.

Warehouse Availability

Sequoia Group Web Services supports fast and easy checkout, which includes credit card processing and “on account” for B2B customers. The solution displays extra charges, such as freight, tax, and special handling on the item detail screen and adds the extra charges to the shopping cart.

Advanced Checkout Capabilities

Sequoia Group Web Services supports fast and easy checkout, which includes credit card processing and “on account” for B2B customers. The solution displays extra charges, such as freight, tax, and special handling on the item detail screen and adds the extra charges to the shopping cart.

Infor Rhythm for Commerce is a robust, fully-integrated online shopping software that helps provide real-time pricing, availability, and options. It works seamlessly with other Infor ERP products, so you can extend the benefits of Infor software across your organization.

Rhythm’s Standout Capabilities

Easy Integration

Pre-built connectors for Infor ERP and third-party applications such as Adobe Commerce, Shopify, and Magento, make it easy to get started with Rhythm. Infor Commerce Guided Buying (ICGB) is a feature of Rhythm that helps shoppers find the right products faster and complete their purchase with minimal clicks.


Product Information Management (PIM) allows organizations to maintain a single source for product data and ensures that the correct information is always presented to shoppers, regardless of the channel.

Industry Customizable

Out-of-the-box configurations for specific industries make it easy to get started with Rhythm. The Infor Personalization Engine (IPE) provides shoppers with a personalized experience by displaying relevant products, content, and recommendations based on their individual preferences and purchase history, based on the specific industry.

ATP Pricing

The Infor Real-Time Pricing and Availability (RTP/A) service gives shoppers up-to-the-minute product pricing and availability information. This ensures that they always see the most accurate information, so they can make informed purchase decisions.

CPQ Product Configuration

Rhythm, after set up, is easy for personnel across an enterprise to use. On the consumer side, the user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation make it easy for shoppers to find the products they need and complete their purchase quickly and easily.

Industry Customizable

The Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ) helps eCommerce sites configure products to their specific needs and then get an accurate price quote based on their configuration. This helps them make informed purchase decisions and avoid any surprises at checkout.

To help distributors and manufacturers keep pace with demands for more advanced e-commerce services, Sequoia Group has enhanced Web Services with improved performance, scalability, customization, search capabilities, and overall user experience. Customers can now scale components across several servers for better performance in environments with a high user count or high product count. The new version of Web Services has increased caching to minimize database access and features an optimized data structure to improve performance and ensure data integrity. The application is Java-based and uses XML transactions, making maintenance, upgrades, and product customization less expensive.

Shipment tracking provides complete order-to-door shipment tracking, helping you enhance your service levels and build trust with customers.


With Infor ERP Storefront, you can notify multiple contacts when a new order or quote is entered in the system. All email addresses assigned to a Storefront account will receive an order confirmation, making it possible to instantaneously keep multiple departments informed of inbound supplies and delivery times.


Search Analytics provides valuable insight about how shoppers are using your web storefront. It informs you of what keywords are producing no search results, most commonly used keywords , what categories are being viewed most often, and which are not, as well as words that are being spell corrected.


The Enhanced Modification Framework provides standard extension points to make it easy to move modifications from release to release. Modifications are written outside of standard code, allowing them to be “unhooked” from the old release and applied to the next release.


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