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Meet UnForm, your go-to document management software. It effortlessly creates, delivers, stores, and retrieves visually enriched documents directly from ERP application printing. Need to integrate external documents like scanned invoices or signed delivery forms? UnForm has you covered, seamlessly importing them into archive libraries to streamline your workflow automation.

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Streamlined Document Management

Document Protection

UnForm is your versatile ally, seamlessly working with text, PDF, or PostScript input streams, even handling legacy ERP print data or XML from other apps. It triggers jobs that effortlessly detect, format, and generate visually enhanced documents in various formats like PCL5, PostScript, and PDF. Print them, email, or fax—UnForm empowers you to do it all, following your job definition. With extensive printer control and graphical enhancements like images, barcodes, and fonts, UnForm stands out. But what makes it truly exceptional? A built-in programming language for ultimate control and flexibility, a unique feature in document management products. Unleash the power of UnForm for document print jobs that are both powerful and flexible!
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Document Archiving & Management

UnForm extends its capabilities with optional components for efficient document archiving and management. Printing with archiving is seamlessly integrated, capturing documents as your application generates them, eliminating the need for time-consuming scanning. UnForm archives not only the job text but also fully formatted PDF files. Access these documents effortlessly through a powerful, zero-install Web Browser-based interface, a command line, or directly via UnForm jobs. The Image Manager tool, is a Windows-based program supporting image scanning or importing, automating document identification through barcode or OCR recognition. Jobs written in VBScript can further automate document property assignment, easily streamlining the archiving process for documents like signed delivery receipts.

Cost Savings

UnForm's value goes beyond replacing pre-printed forms; it empowers you to create and customize them, eliminating the need for preprinted purchases. Beyond laser forms, UnForm Document Management allows you to effortlessly print, store, email, and fax graphical versions of invoices and statements, unlocking substantial savings in manual handling and postage. Beyond cost savings, UnForm adds processing intelligence, from item costing on invoices to generating mailing labels from packing lists. Flexibility is key—produce PDF reports for intranet viewing and accomplish virtually any task derived from your printed data. With UnForm, your possibilities are boundless.

“We’ve been able to focus on other things, instead of trying to find that one missing piece of paper.”

— Carter Steenblik, Restaurant Store and Equipment Co.

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Simplifying Document Management

Every business aspires for increased profits, yet the constant in daily operations is paperwork—receipts, work orders, invoices, reports, memoranda, and proposals. Cataloging and storing this document volume poses a real challenge.

Enter UnForm Document Management from Sequoia Group, simplifying the conversion and management of digital documents for businesses like never before.

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