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Every business in the world wants its daily operations to result in an increase in its profits. However, while profit margins may fluctuate from day to day, virtually the one constant of doing business each day is paperwork. The sheer volume of receipts, work orders, invoices, reports, memoranda, and proposals, presents a very real challenge for business owners who must catalog and store all of these documents.

The UnForm Document Management solution provided by Sequoia Group makes converting and managing a business’s digital documents easier than it’s ever been.

What exactly is Document Management?

Document management is the process of managing documents from creation to archival. This includes storing, editing, and deleting documents, ensuring secure and accessible storage. Solutions streamline operations, providing quick access to information that would otherwise be difficult to find. They offer features like version control, search capabilities, automated workflow approvals, data encryption, and access control. Modern solutions are cloud-based for flexibility and scalability.

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  • UnForm is a document management software product that creates, delivers, stores, and retrieves graphically enhanced documents from ERP application printing.
  • External documents, such as scanned invoices or signed delivery documents, can be imported into archive libraries for further workflow automation.

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Document Production

UnForm can work with any text, PDF, or PostScript input stream, including legacy ERP print data or XML output from other applications. This data triggers jobs that detect, format, and generate graphically enhanced documents in PCL5, PostScript, PDF, and other formats. Documents can be printed to laser printers, emailed, or faxed, in any combination, under the control of a job definition. Extensive printer control for duplexing and tray management, as well as copy and logical formatting maintenance, provides implementors with powerful and flexible capabilities for document print jobs. In addition to graphical enhancements, such as images, line drawing, barcodes, and font enhancements, UnForm jobs can utilize a full built-in programming language to manage job control from content and to interact with the operating system and other applications. This level of control and flexibility is unique among document management products.

Document Archiving and Management

UnForm offers optional components for document archiving and management. Archiving while printing is an intuitive method of capturing document printing as your application produces those documents, eliminating the time-consuming scanning of documents. UnForm archives not just the text of the job, but also fully formatted PDF files. Access to these documents is provided by a powerful, zero-install Web Browser-based interface, from a command line, or via UnForm jobs themselves. Another component of Document Management is the Image Manager tool, which is a Windows-based program that supports scanning or importing of images and other documents and can automate document identification via barcode or OCR recognition. Jobs written in VBScript can further automate document property assignment, so that documents of a known format, such as signed delivery receipts, can be placed in the archives with little manual effort.

Cost Savings

Most companies can easily justify the purchase of UnForm simply on the savings over pre-printed forms. Simply put, you never have to purchase a preprinted form again. Instead, UnForm allows you to create them. But laser forms are just the beginning of UnForm's capabilities. With UnForm Document Management, you can print, store, email, and fax graphical versions of your invoices and statements. With electronic delivery of documents, savings are even greater by eliminating manual form handling and postage. In addition to saving the cost of pre-printed forms, you can add processing intelligence to save time and effort in many ways. You can add item costing to a copy of an invoice and route that copy to the Accounting Department. You can use the ship-to information from a packing list and produce a mailing label. You can produce PDF versions of your reports for viewing on your intranet. With UnForm's flexibility, you can accomplish virtually any task that can be driven from your printed data. Infor Document Management (IDM) at a Glance IDM is a document management application for enterprises. It can be operated and integrated with other Infor applications by using the Infor Operating Service Portal. IDM acts as a central repository where you can create, view, edit, and store documents and files that follow a similar framework in the company.

IDM is a document management application for enterprises. It can be operated and integrated with other Infor applications by using the Infor Operating Service Portal. IDM acts as a central repository where you can create, view, edit, and store documents and files that follow a similar framework in the company.

IDM Capabilities

ERP Integration

Incorporate various types of documents from different software and applications that are used throughout your enterprise, and then, by using the configuration exporter and importer, distribute those documents in a variety of formats that are needed, whether PDF, XML, input text, or different print formats.

P2P & O2C

Peer-to-peer and order-to-cash documents are easy to scan and share across various applicable servers, enabling mass documentation that is key to enterprise processes.


Share documents with an internal permissions structure that keeps critical documents secure, so that they can only be accessed and edited by key employees, executives, or compliance personnel.

Auto Archiving

When new documents are created, IDM can be customized to automatically capture and archive them. This helps minimize data entry processes, which can be costly and time-consuming with a high probability of human error at some point.


The IDM widget (also known as the Infor Ming.le Homepage widget) can be utilized in your ERP dashboard, so that documents can be accessed quickly in a variety of ways (such as a carousel, showing in-depth details, or slideshow style). This puts all of your documentation in an easy-to-use place in the cloud.

Browser Clients

All major browser clients are supported for IDM users, including multiple versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

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