Because Distribution doesn't rest.

When it comes to distribution, especially in large quantities, there are many links on the chain. In other words, there are many processes that require refinement for maximum efficiency. Such efficiencies can significantly reduce costs, improve shipping times, control quality, and prevent unnecessary headache.

Sequoia Group offers a robust solution to common distribution inefficiencies.

  • DigitalShipper can automatically select the least cost carrier using the rates that really matter: your negotiated rates.
  • Pass your discount on to your customers, or save it for yourself; either way, your negotiated rates can save money.
  • By integrating ground service transit times into DigitalShipper, you can also select a ground service instead of an air service for additional savings and still deliver the shipment on time.

Resolving the Challenges of Distribution

The overall goal for any provider is to be positioned for growth. In order to do this, they must first improve execution and coordination with suppliers and customers. Poorly integrated systems that lack automation are simply not going to help. Such systems and processes lead to delays, unresponsiveness, high costs, errors, and damaged relationships with once-satisfied partners. These are exactly the things that Sequoia Group’s DigitalShipper works to mitigate. With such a powerful tool at your fingertips, you will be able to achieve visibility and better control of the process from start to finish.

– Firefly Store Solutions

Ship Package/Shipment

Immediately have the results of shipping, such as tracking number, weight of package, and freight cost (including accessorial charges) passed back to the host system

Consolidate Multiple Orders to Single Shipment

Using the SWOG (Ship With Other Goods) feature in DigitalShipper, the shipper can take multiple orders going to the same destination and quickly link them to a master order.

Package Dimensions

Calculating the billable weight for packages can be handled several ways in DigitalShipper. User can (1) manually enter the dimensions, (2) standard box sizes can be configured in DigitalShipper so they appear in the drop down list for the user to select at the time of shipping, or (3) connect a package dimensioning device to capture dimensions in real time.

Display of Shipping Instructions

Notify the shipper at the time of shipping with valuable instructions captured during order entry using DigitalShipper's Shipping Notes feature.

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