Because Distribution doesn't rest

The privilege of owning, operating, or managing a business is not without its complications. At every link of the supply chain﹘from procurement to manufacturing, sales to fulfillment, and finally on to distribution﹘an executive or manager must continually oversee the efficiency of their warehouse management systems, the scheduling of their personnel, the accuracy of their finances, and the security of their data. Each of these cares is of essential importance in fulfilling a business’s ultimate goal and finding the right 3PL solution to streamline its management is one of the most critical duties of an executive officer. 

Below is a selection of our most popular solutions. They are designed to assist a business’s most important departments, such as assisting the Business Intelligence team gather and report relevant data accurately, helping the finance department calculate and properly manage operational taxes, and bringing the Ops team the most helpful tools to get products made and shipped easily. 

Infor Distribution SX.e helps all types of distributors increase productivity and adapt quickly to an evolving market. Providing broad visibility across your entire organization, this powerful solution delivers unparalleled control in managing thousands of transactions, suppliers, and customers while simultaneously tracking hundreds, thousands, even millions of inventory items.

DigitalShipper can automatically select the least cost carrier using the rates that really matter: your negotiated rates. Whether you are passing along your discount to your customers or not, using your negotiated rates can save money. By integrating ground service transit times into DigitalShipper, you can also select a ground service instead of an air service for additional savings and still get the shipment to its destination in the same amount of time.

The bottom-line goal for distributors and manufacturers with an e-commerce offering is to increase product browsing to improve order conversion rates and the overall service performance of their site. To meet this goal many distributors and manufacturers are building on their existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) capabilities by implementing Infor ERP Storefront to integrate and enhance their e-commerce capabilities. Read more here.

If you use Excel, then you already know how useful spreadsheets are for financial reporting. F9 provides a dynamic link from your GL to Excel and gives you the most current information with no exports or manual entries required.

Infor Intelligent Open Network (ION) is a powerful integration platform that enables disparate business systems to share information by translating it into the common language of standardized XML.

AvaTax reduces audit risk with cloud-based sales tax services that make it simple to calculate rates, manage exemption certificates, file forms and remit payments. Protect your business with Avalara.

Once available to only larger distributors, Warehouse Management System (WMS) is scaled to meet the logistical needs of mid-market distributors. WMS provides a proven, reliable and remarkably easy-to-use means for operating even the most complex distribution operation.

UnForm® is a document management software product that creates, delivers, stores, and retrieves graphically enhanced documents from ERP application printing. It is a complete, end-to-end document management solution. Learn more about how UnForm can save you money.

As the vital connection between manufacturing operations and your client’s customers, third-party logistics require a tremendous amount of resources. Our solutions are designed for 3PL leaders who want actionable insights and flexible solutions for bottlenecks within their fulfillment operations.

Infor Distribution FACTS is a full function distribution software solution that improves your bottom line by providing a technology path to your future; giving you more solution choices meant for your vertical market. More than 2,000 distributors across North America trust Infor Distribution FACTS to keep their business humming. It’s the perfect solution for distributors who need to control costs while staying competitive.

Sequoia Group has painstakingly curated a selection of the best solutions for helping businesses operate. Through partnerships with some of the most exciting development companies working today, we bring our clients state-of-the-art software suites to help them break past obstacles to ever-higher levels of efficiency.