Easy, Effortless, Flexible.
The right warehouse management system can change the way you do business, from management to order fulfillment. Tecsys WMS works with your unique needs now and provides adaptability for your future.
Check Your FACTS with Data Integration
It’s time to maximize your speed and accuracy with Infor Distribution FACTS. Solve your business challenges with fully integrated management solutions.
Set Goals. Track Sales. Hit Targets.
With Sequoia business intelligence, the “what-ifs” of your business are easier to analyze.
There’s a Solution for Everything with Sequoia
We’re dedicated to delivering superior support to wholesale distributors by improving sales, increasing efficiency, and creating custom solutions. See what we can do for you.

Our Promise

Sequoia Group was founded on the principle that human relationships are most important. We promise to be more than just your ERP technology provider. As we strive to meet your needs, we will be your consultant, advocate, technology visionary, and friend. We want to take the pressure off your shoulders, so you can spend more time focusing on your business and the other things that a more efficient operation will allow you to accomplish.


With the help of Sequoia, build custom solutions for your company’s unique requirements. In an ever-changing landscape, keeping it custom means staying competitive.


Visualize the present and enhance the future with easily interpretable and accessible data. Our team never underestimates management software that’s easy to use, easier to understand, and flexible.


The expectations of your customers are evolving. Why not evolve with them? Up-to-the-minute information is an invaluable part of customer service. There’s a way to reduce costs while offering customers exactly what they need, and we’re the team with the solution.

"Thanks all for the long hours getting us back up and running in time for month end. We appreciate the incredible level of support. Get some rest!"
Chris Seeley - Corporate Controller | Mitchell Lewis & Staver, Mitchell Wine Group, Mitchell Ag Investments, CRE
"Buying from Sequoia Group was the best business decision I ever made."
Jan Kucera - Contempo Ceramic Tile and Stone
"We have increased productivity and reduced costs-both by 30%-while offering our customers exactly what they want."
Mike Stelzl, Wausau Supply
"Our Accounting Department is so much more efficient now. We are now processing financial statements and lender reports in hours as opposed to days."
Nichole Bevans, Cordary Inc.
"We got AvaTax so we didn't have to worry about being up-to-date. Knowing it's accurate means we can focus on building our business."
Matt Carver, Backwoods Inc.

Are you ready for a real distribution partner?

Distributor revenue has grown nearly 55% over the last 10 years in the US, creating a $5.4-trillion industry. Do you have an ERP and a partner that will enable you to grow with the industry?