Measuring Productivity in a Socially Distanced World

In any industry today, measuring productivity in our at-home world feels a little bit different.  How do we know if our efforts are making a difference or if we’re achieving those mile markers?  Gone are the days, at least temporarily of visually seeing those efforts, because everyone is socially distanced, at home.  Sequoia Group offers software solutions and business helps that can greatly assist your team in measuring its productivity, even from a distance.


Before jumping into specific solutions, there are some very basic things that must be understood.  Productivity can’t really be measured if we don’t know where we’re at today and where we were yesterday. Proper data management needs to happen. Let’s just establish the need for that.  We need to know our numbers and our benchmarks of success.  What are we trying to achieve and where do we want to go?  How do we define success?  Once we’ve established some of this foundation, we’re going to make greater strides with success and specifically, measuring it.

Sequoia Group can help put the proper software solutions into place to help you achieve these goals.  

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Does your company have an ERP system?  ERP systems are integrated management systems.  Essentially, they take all the different areas of your business and collect, store, manage, and interpret data for the business.  This is important to see how the parts work together.  Communication is key to achieving success and centralized data track and management software makes this much easier.  An ERP system is imperative.

Distribution Management

Everything involved with the distribution of your company’s products from the warehouse, producing, manufacturing, packaging, and distributing is involved in distribution management.  Again, this matters because it sets your foundation for the process of going from supplier to customer.  You need to set this in motion and have an idea of where you are and where you want to go.  Where are the problems?  What is working?  What is not?  Sometimes, measuring our success means measuring our failures.  Maybe we thought something was working or it wasn’t even on our radar until it wasn’t working anymore.

Technology Distribution

This is the ticket to your communication.  You will distribute the necessary technology to your employees, as well as your customers so that they can access your goods.  Maybe there is a special app or software for ordering more products.  Maybe your supply chain manager uses this software to order from your vendors.  Perhaps, your customers log into the database and can communicate problems or issues that they’re seeing.  Again, this part matters to measure your success, because it’s a key piece that must be in place.

Software Solutions

Software solutions create and help automate processes that would normally take a really long time.  Software solutions save a company time and money, which in turn helps them turn profits faster.

How do these four facets of your business help you to measure success from a distance?  

As our world evolves, the industry changes, the customers change.  Everything changes.  One of the major changes in this century is that people want things and they want them now.  It becomes imperative that if your company is to survive, they must evolve too.

Where is your company lacking in these four areas?  Where can things be tightened up or put into place?  Are you utilizing software solutions and allowing those applications to greatly improve your business?  What about your ERP?  How are you presently measuring success?  Is it by the level of satisfaction from your customers, profits, just surviving another day, or do you measure it against some standard?

Sequoia Group is here to help you.  This technology company is well versed in all of these areas.  Sequoia can help you identify your benchmarks and measurements for success, as well as help you see where the real problems lie and how you can speed up some of the processes. Sometimes, especially when running a business, we are married to a process or a way of doing things and we resist change.  Sequoia Group offers innovative and fresh solutions that are catered to your company’s specific targets and needs.  Jump on board with Sequoia Group and start achieving your success.  Their partnership is bound to improve productivity all around.

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