Success Stories

Success Stories

At Sequoia Group, our number one priority is the satisfaction and success of our customers. Customer satisfaction comes not only from our solutions alone but our unparalleled attention to each unique need. Our vast third-party logistics expertise allows us to both customize robust solutions for our clients and maintain lasting relationships. Our customers know that they are valued and that any questions or concerns will be heard, answered and promptly resolved.

Restaurant & Store Equipment Co.

“I would consider them a great business partner.”


Third-party logistics expertise

Organization of extensive paper trails


1-on-1 assistance and customer care

Robust digital archiving 

Littlejohn, Inc.

“With Sequoia, we’ve come to know that there is a level of service that is unparalleled.”


Emergency assistance

Technology and process upgrades


Unparalleled customer service

Powerful eCommerce capabilities

The Part Works

“They are very tech savvy, but they talk our language.”


Customized approach

Continual support


Management expertise

Attention to detail and troubleshooting

Refrigeration Supply

“It helps having someone so quick on the other end of the phone that understands our problems.”


Automated model and serial number process

Transaction management


3PL management expertise

ERP integrations


Contempo Tile

“They make us feel like we are the only ones.”


Invested 3PL partner

Inventory management


Dedicated customer service

Intuitive digital document management


The Best Connection

“The good news about working with Sequoia is that we don’t have surprises.”


Quality relationships

One-stop solution for all 3PL needs


Integrity- a fundamental Sequoia Group value

Robust resources all managed from a simple interface

Sequoia Group

“I would call the service level of Sequoia Group exceptional.”

Priority: Quality customer care