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At Sequoia Group, we believe that the key to demonstrable advancements in supply chain management, including third-party logistics and warehouse management systems relies on good business practices aided by great software solutions. Armed with our recommended programs built for essential disciplines like warehouse management, eCommerce, distribution, service management, and financial reporting, your business can expect to make better use of your time and resources with the introduction of better digital tools.

In order to ensure that you have access to our technical support staff whenever a question or issue arises, we utilize a support ticket system. Every support request is assigned a unique ticket number which you can use to track the progress and responses online. This system has helped us streamline support requests and better serve you. Simply click here, or on the link below, and you will be led to a portal where you can open a new support ticket or check on an existing one.

Sequoia Group Customer Portal

For many businesses, the customer-business relationship ends at the point of sale; the customer walks out the door or closes their web browser and is left to their own devices while the business thanks them for their money, trust, and contact information. The relationship only remains profitable as long as the business can send a monthly marketing email to entice the customer to make a return visit. While we appreciate that not every model can support any more of an interaction than this, we have identified numerous ways in which Sequoia Group can continue to offer value to our customers at no extra cost to them.

For those who choose to work with us at Sequoia Group, we know that we are being trusted with more than an email address to send a newsletter every few weeks; we are being trusted with the future of our customers’ businesses. As such, they access to as much help as we can provide them. Therefore, we’ve created the customer portal, designed to grant our clients exclusive access to online training, additional FACTS modules created by Sequoia Group, and additional tips and tricks that can help make our customers’ lives easier and more productive.

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Sequoia Facts Modifications

Visiting our Modification Store provides our customers a brief overview of our FACTS modifications, including programs to enhance processes over data transfer, vendor item information updates, and your shipping interface, while also increasing integration of outside programs like Excel and AvaTax. Click on the link below to learn more.

Videos and Webinars

For those looking for extra resources that they can access and watch at their convenience, we’ve opened up our video vault to everyone. This is a collection of our most popular training modules and webinars, which we are working to expand now. By clicking on the link below one can watch the videos we have, and watch for new videos to come. Click below to see what is featured.

Sequoia Facts Modifications

This 'Modification Store' gives you a brief overview of our FACTS modifications. Browse demos and pricing here!

Videos and Webinars

This is a collection of our most popular videos, trainings, and webinars. Check it out!