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Understanding Modern Distribution Solutions

If you run a small business, you know exactly how time-consuming and expensive inventory management can be. Thankfully, companies like Sequoia Group have deployed solutions uniquely adapted to assist your specific business needs. These solutions are rooted in our commitment to providing services that enhance visibility, support intra-departmental fluidity of processing, operational streamlining, and best practices in top-down efficiency. But, how do you best go about deciding which management solution is best for you, in a field in which numerous software companies claim to provide the support that’s tailor-made for your business?

What You Need

The first step is to determine your company’s needs. From a warehouse perspective, you’ll want a software system that includes everything from inventory management and stock control to barcoding, packing lists, and invoice management, finally to sales orders, purchase orders, supplier invoices, and more. You’ll need a platform that allows your associates to see all of “the nuts and bolts” that equate to profitability in one place. These features make life easier for your associates to get things done quickly and efficiently: choosing the right software platform for your company simplifies the transaction process from when your business receives an order. Sequoia has developed solutions that streamline warehousing and distribution processing, shipping, and removing the ordered item from your inventory, optimizing the entire transaction.

Specific Challenges

Before settling on the correct platform for your operation, you’ll need to identify the specific challenges that your business might face as it expands. If you have a high-volume shop (that has the potential to grow exponentially), you’ll need to implement technologies that keep everything as organized as possible. In turn, these techniques will reduce any possible headaches your associates will develop from dealing with an otherwise complicated inventory. You don’t want your associates wasting their valuable time by making constant runs to stockrooms or warehouses to check on inventory. You certainly don’t want them making emergency phone calls to suppliers because they’re unsure of what they have on the production floor. If you’re going to keep your associates as happy as they keep your customers, you need a platform that streamlines their considerable efforts.

What’s Your Volume

No matter your company’s size, you’re going to need a scalable platform that’s adaptable to your volume intake. Outdated inventory systems of the past are cumbersome and inefficient when considering the amount of packages your business is sending and receiving every day. If your business keeps costs low by employing a small staff, it’s unrealistic to imagine that they’ll be able to handle the volume without the added support of a true management system.

What We Offer

Sequoia’s distribution management platforms help your organization run smoothly by creating the most effective business processes available; and as platforms that are entirely adaptable to your business model, you can be certain that you’re investing in support that is customizable to your company’s operations. From the moment materials enter your facility—to the moment they’re delivered to your customer—let Sequoia support your organization every step of the way.

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