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The 5 Ways Robots Can Empower Your 3PL Operation

Navigating the world of warehousing is no simple task. With unyielding quotas, long hours, and a diminishing talent pool, third-party logistics (3PL) managers face an uphill battle in staffing their operations. Adding to the complexity are seasonal surges and unpredictable client demands that can shift in an instant. 

In the midst of these challenges, how can overworked 3PL managers attract and retain new employees, especially during labor-intensive periods? The solution isn’t to add more chaos to the mix — it lies in something more robotic.

Below we look at 5 ways in which robots can increase the success of your 3PL business: 

  1. Scalability and Flexibility: Robots enable 3PLs like yours to scale up operations rapidly to meet increased demand without overburdening human workers. Whether facing Black Friday-level volumes or unexpected spikes in demand, robots can seamlessly handle transport and carrying tasks, allowing associates to focus on value-added activities. Moreover, flexible robotics systems can be quickly deployed in existing warehouse layouts, minimizing disruption while at the same time enabling rapid scalability.
  1. Quick Training for Temporary Workers: During peak seasons, 3PLs often rely on temporary workers to manage surges in demand. However, onboarding and training these temporary associates can be time-consuming. By automating with AMRs (autonomous mobile robots) featuring intuitive interfaces, training time is significantly reduced. This allows 3PLs to quickly onboard temporary workers and efficiently manage peak season spikes.
  1. Improved Retention and Job Satisfaction: Physical demands and monotonous routines contribute to warehouse job dissatisfaction. By relieving associates of physically demanding tasks through robot-assisted workflows, 3PLs can enhance retention and job satisfaction. With robots handling mundane tasks, associates can focus on more engaging and intellectually stimulating activities, leading to higher morale and job satisfaction.
  1. Competitive Advantage in Labor Market: With multiple warehouses vying for labor in the same geographic areas, offering higher wages alone may not be the ultimate needle mover. However, leveraging AMRs provides a competitive advantage. While other warehouses rely on manual processes and physically demanding tasks, an automated warehouse equipped with robots stands out as modern and progressive, while offering more efficiency and a less demanding working environment.
  1. Competitive Edge in Hiring: In the competitive landscape of 3PL operations, attracting and retaining talent is crucial. By integrating AMRs into warehouse workflows, 3PL managers showcase their commitment to innovation and efficiency. This tech-savvy approach appeals to job seekers, especially younger demographics, who prioritize working for companies embracing automation and artificial intelligence (AI).

By choosing to embrace robotic solutions, 3PLs not only enhance productivity but also optimize labor allocation, empower their workforce, and position themselves for long-term success in the evolving logistics landscape. 

If you’re ready to explore how robotic solutions can transform your 3PL operations, contact Sequoia Group today.

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