Executive Team

The primary officers of Sequoia Group, Inc. have been involved with the installation, support and customization of the FACTS Business Software system in the Salt Lake City area since 1986. As an authorized Infor Channel Partner, Sequoia Group provides professional installation, service and support to customers all over the United States and Canada. Sequoia Group has the internal and external resources to meet the demanding needs of high-end customer support and maintenance. Our years of experience with many operating systems and several wide area networking configurations makes us well qualified to install and support even the most complex multi-location companies. Sequoia Group, Inc. officially incorporated in January 1994.

  • President
    Steven Fitt

    Steven Fitt President

    Steven has been involved in the marketing and overseeing the installation of the FACTS software system for more than 26 years. In addition to the tremendous information gained from his regular interaction with our many customers, he has been involved with and attended many types of training courses to cover all aspects of distribution business processing, inventory management techniques, and wholesale distribution automation. He continues to learn and share distribution industry "best practices", and stays current on applicable hardware and software technologies. He also has certifications from and completed courses through Grant Howard, Jon Schreibfeder, Dr. Don Rice, Michael Marks, Bruce Merrifield, the National Association of Wholesalers, and others.

  • Vice President - Business Development
    David Young

    David Young Vice President - Business Development

  • Chief Information Officer
    Keven Harsh

    Keven Harsh Chief Information Officer

    Keven has been the senior technical support representative since the inception of Sequoia Group, Inc. Keven has been writing computer software since 1983, professionally since 1988.  He is very skilled in installing, training and supporting, and modifying the FACTS software system. Keven has been supporting FACTS since version 5 in 1989.  He has written hundreds of custom programs to enhance the FACTS system as well as code which has been included in the base FACTS software distributed by Infor.  Keven is proficient with inventory management and other distribution principles.  He has installed single and multi-site systems from as small as 5 users to installations with hundreds of workstations.

  • Chief Technology Officer
    Chris Kukuchka

    Chris Kukuchka Chief Technology Officer

    Chris graduated from Westminster College with a bachelor's degree in accounting, and worked in the accounting department of a FACTS user for 5 years. He was also responsible for the in-house computer and software systems. He was heavily involved in software and hardware maintenance, upgrades, tuning, integration, and modification.

    Chris is very well versed in FACTS integration, programming and support, as well as UNIX to Novell connectivity, Novell operating system support, remote site communications and support, etc. He has installation and support experience with many "flavors" of UNIX, and has also been implementing our internet access to the FACTS software system. Chris is also experienced in web related issues, having installed, designed and configured web pages and web servers. He has also been trained and is experienced in most general PC applications. He is very good with MS Windows® related use, configuration and installation.

Business Development Team

The business development team of Sequoia Group is focused on customers, marketing, building relationships, and presenting business solutions to executive teams and business owners. As an Infor Channel Partner, Sequoia Group provides professional services and support to customers in the United States and Canada. Sequoia Group’s business development team has more than 100 years of experience collectively in distribution software, sales, and customer service. Please feel free to reach out to us to learn how we can help you with your distribution and inventory management needs.

  • Sales Engineer
    Ralph Wallace

    Ralph Wallace Sales Engineer

    Ralph’s career in wholesale distribution software spans more than 35 years in a variety of roles: programming, system analysis, support, implementation, consulting and sales. While working for a distributor in the Atlanta area, he developed EDI, equipment rental, fixed assets and service and maintenance software to improve that company’s efficiency, effectiveness and customer service. He is a frequent speaker at Infor and user group conferences to help companies better leverage the tools found in their ERP business software.

  • Senior Sales Executive
    Mike Forsythe

    Mike Forsythe Senior Sales Executive

Support and Development Team

The support team at Sequoia Group is here to help you. Please feel free to reach out to us for help.

  • Office Manager
    Diane Atwood

    Diane Atwood Office Manager

    Diane Atwood has been with Sequia Group since 2001. She is a responsible, duty-oriented, rule-compliant individual and we consider ourselves lucky to have her on our team. Diane is an extremely dedicated employee not only to Sequoia Group but to our customers as well.

    Diane is here to help you with anything you may need. From projects and modifications to licensing or supplies she will do everything she can to get you to the right person or get you what you need. Feel free to call her anytime with any concern or question.

  • Programmer
    Derek Pedersen

    Derek Pedersen Programmer

    Derek joined Sequoia in 2007, and enjoys working with people, solving problems, and making the difference with all whom he works. Derek has worked heavily with FACTS, Unform, and credit card processing/gateways. He has consulted on and made hundreds of custom enhancements to FACTS and takes great satisfaction in those that reduce costs, increase efficiency, and maximize users use of the system.

  • Programmer
    Chris Tucker

    Chris Tucker Programmer

    Chris, also known as Tucker, joined our team during the summer of 2008. He comes with 6 years of customer service experience and 1 year of Inventory Control from the retail store side of things. Tucker has a Bachelors degree in Game and Simulation Programming with a focus on C++. He has jumped right into FACTS learning as much as he can on how FACTS works. He enjoys taking on new challenges as well as helping others through problems. He spends a lot of time working with the different eCommerce integrations like Storefront and Sequoia's Web Services.

  • Programmer
    Johnny Carson

    Johnny Carson Programmer

    Johnny has over 30 years of experience working in the wholesale distribution environment. Johnny learned the trade first hand as a member of a family owned HVAC distributor based out of Salt Lake City and later as the Director of Operations for an HVAC distributor out of Chicago. Between these positions, Johnny worked for Sequoia Group as part of their customer support team. All told, Johnny has worked with the FACTS product for nearly 20 years, both as an end user and as customer support at Sequoia Group.

    Johnny has recently rejoined Sequoia Group and brings with him a wealth of practical knowledge and experience to help customers in his role of software development, support, and training.  Johnny's area of expertise is focused on Advanced Inventory Management and Relationship Management. Additionally, Johnny is experienced in nearly all aspects of distribution, including; delivery, routing, inventory control, cycle counting, sales, purchasing, manufacturing, pricing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, etc. Johnny has also been a speaker and presenter at Inforum and FACTS TUG user conference meetings teaching “best practices” for distributors.  He enjoys working and interacting with customers to help them find the right solution to whatever challenge they may be facing.

  • Programmer
    Josh Coates

    Josh Coates Programmer

    Josh works at Sequoia Group.

  • Programmer
    Bruce Kent

    Bruce Kent Programmer

  • Network Engineer
    Kelly James

    Kelly James Network Engineer

    Kelly offers over 25 years of experience in the networking and hardware industry, nearly two decades of which have been with Sequoia Group.

    Kelly’s time in the industry spans ARCnet to fiber, modems with dial-up to high-availability Internet service, corded telephones to smartphones. Kelly started as a Novell CNE, but remains cutting edge as he evolves along with technology. He holds several industry-specific certificates and works with Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms.

    Kelly has done extensive work with PCs, servers, virtualization, and is also our resident Mac specialist. Setting up and managing networks is his area of emphasis, including servers and network infrastructure.

  • Technical Support
    Brock James

    Brock James Technical Support

    Brock works at Sequoia Group.