Because warehouse doesn't rest.

Sequoia Group warehouse management solutions are scalable and adaptable – enabling you to uniquely adapt to your changing operational needs. Our solutions reduce ineffective processes while ensuring order accuracy is pure and inventory management is solid. Sequoia Group offers you Tecsys WMS supply chain solutions which are customizable to your industry, yet still simple and flexible in today’s evolving workplace. Freedom and transparency are at the core of what we provide.

  • Once available only to large distributors, Warehouse Management System (WMS) is scaled to meet the logistical needs of mid-market distributors
  • Using hand-held bar-code scanners, WMS is a high-performance, web-based solution designed to improve warehouse efficiency, streamline materials handling processes, meet retail compliance requirements and improve accuracy

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Tighten Control

Accellos One provides you with the tools to maintain better inventory accuracy, minimizing write downs and write-offs. It ensures compliance with customer labeling requirements and improves your control in many more key areas of your business.

Maximize Efficiency

Leverage our advanced processes to improve your picking and receiving functions and eliminate manual order checking. Accellos offers a feature-rich solution to automate, streamline and verify all of your in-warehouse processes.

Improve Visibility

The web-centric design gives you the ability to allow internal and external users visibility into the status of warehouse operations. Providing visibility creates competitive differentiation for your business that drives ROI.

Modular Design

The Accellos One Warehouse offers a modular structure that allows customers to pick and choose the features that they want so they do not pay for what they do not use.

Warehouse Integrations

Accellos One Warehouse acts as the hub of your supply chain solution which offers a full range of key integrations. Infor Distribution FACTS Shipping systems EDI systems Radio frequency (RF)/wireless devices Barcode label printers Warehouse automation equipment

Enhance Productivity

WMS gives you the ability to process orders more quickly, provide better customer service and improve cash flow, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

  • Reduce employee learning curves and training times, cross-train more effectively
  • Improve productivity and reduce errors because processes are organized and automated
  • Automatic tracking monitors employee productivity and improves accountability
  • Remove receiving bottlenecks by eliminating the breakdown and sorting of incoming POs
  • Eliminate extensive physical inventories to reduce overtime and keep operations running
  • Improved inventory management optimizes inventory turns to improve cash flow
  • Provide accurate, real-time validation of warehouse functions using RF handhelds
  • Reallocate warehouse knowledge-base from individuals to a shared software application
  • Improve customer service by filling and shipping orders more quickly and accurately
  • Automated billing and receiving functions reduce the efforts of office staff