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When it comes to understanding the viability of a current strategy, gathering the data is only half the battle — the other relies upon reading that data correctly to make informed and competent decisions. The nuance of Business Intelligence is in taking all of the raw data generated by your company and turning it into intelligible, actionable analytics. Sequoia Group appreciates better than anyone how essential a BI team ﹘ uninhibited by the deficiencies of their digital tools ﹘can be to the success of a business, and offers the perfect solution for any company looking to take their business intelligence to the next level.

Our business intelligence modules work to address all of an organization’s business analysis requirements within a scalable, flexible product suite that can be rapidly deployed and cost-efficiently extended to meet business priorities

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Data Access

  • Access data from any source, including ERP systems, databases, OLEDB for OLAP, XML, flat files, or APIs
  • Data sources presented in tree/list view or Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD)
  • Access multiple data sources simultaneously
  • Meta-data layer creation allows for a more simplified data presentation
  • Robust and flexible security
Reporting and Analysis

  • Interactive analytical reports designed to provide decision makers with smart data
  • Filters, formulas, summarization, aggregation, color coding, sorting and categorization
  • Dynamic graphs, pivot tables and OLAP for ad-hoc analysis
  • Multi-level drill down, across and through, with visual indicators
  • Ad-hoc reporting using simple wizards

  • Wide range of visual formats, including reports, dashboards, pivot tables and numerous graph types
  • Executive alerts: speedometer, thermometer and other customizable indicators
  • Personalization with wizards and configuration settings
  • Customizable dashboards to see everything you want to see
  • Visuals make data easily interpretable for all team members
Advanced Analytics

  • Sophisticated modeling and “what-if” analysis
  • Time series forecasting
  • A range of popular data mining algorithms
Ease of Use

  • User interface based on user type
  • Wizard-driven user interface for non-technical users
  • Templates can be used to speed object creation

  • Automate any reporting process
  • Built-in scheduler
  • Automatic email and printing
  • Fast report replication ensures user only builds a report once

Our business intelligence performance analysis and decision support systems can be purpose-built by business users, without the need for specialized ‘programming’ experience. Other key benefits include: 

  • Empower business users
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Improve report quality
  • Improve responsiveness to business needs

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