Sequoia Modifications

Data Transfer System

This tutorial shows what the Data Import system is, and how it can simplify data management in your company. The data import tool can be used in conjunction with any data you would normally have in a File Maintenance. 

Event System

The Event System adds the ability to record, track, and log different events that take place in the system that are not normally recorded within FACTS. With its easy-to-use interface, it is most commonly used to view the history/activity of a document. Answering questions such as: Who changed the cost of this item? Who deleted this order/line? When was this pick ticket printed? What happened with this document? And many more…

Auto-Update Vendor Item

The Auto-Update Vendor Item Number modification extends the Vendor Item field in Item File Maintenance to update Vendor Item File Maintenance when changed. This creates and manages item internchange records automatically, to allow customers to order items using vendor item numbers as well.

Bonus System

Bonus is flexible system for discounts and fees. Pricing discounts can quickly be set up to create customer discounts like buy one get one free, percentage discounts, buy item A get item B free, and many more. Those discounts can be applied under many different conditions like Customer, Customer Class, Vendor, Order Totals, and more. In addition to discounts you can also add fees and other charges based on the same bonus conditions.

Shipping Interface

This video shows how the Shipping Interface can automate the shipping process with standalone PC based applications from UPS, FedEx, and others.

Catalog Import

The Catalog Import modification has the ability to populate items into a category, assign rich media (images/PDFs/links/extended descriptions) to items, and populate the Manufacturer. You can update thousands of items at a time.

Quick Check

Quick Check Print is a time saving modification that enables your accounting staff to print a check directly from Non-Invoice Check Entry. For those occasions where you have an immediate need for a check, this eliminates the need to fully process a payable entry through the standard means in order for FACTS to print the check. Enter the data and click the Print Check button!

Excel Order Import

The Excel Order Import modification allows you to quickly upload an order into FACTS from an Excel file. This can be something you create, or something sent to you by a customer. Learn how easy it is to automate the order entry process with a simple Excel spreadsheet using Sequoia Group’s Excel Order Import modification.

Freight Quote

When it is not practical to offer free shipping via UPS or USPS, providing timely and accurate estimates, in advance, can enhance your customer service capabilities and encourage repeat business. See how this easy-to-use modification can address that need.

AvaTax Connector

Learn how the Sequoia connector to Avalara’s comprehensive cloud-based sales tax solution can greatly streamline your processes and ensure compliance.

Data Exchange

Learn how you can reduce your transactional costs and gain a competitive edge by automating your data flow to customers and vendors.

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